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Easter is coming.  YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS

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Today is the anniversary of The Simpsons first appearance on television.

On April 19, 1987, “Goodnight” was aired on The Tracey Ullman Show.

Happy Birthday, Simpsons!

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Oh, I just went and listened to the commentary, (it’s on youtube, around 19:30 timestamp) and it was more of a “the younger audience isn’t mature enough to understand that immature ball-sucking jokes have nothing to do with being gay”.  They also imply that the lines were cut and then added back in for the DVD “directors cut”.  So I mean, yeah, the explaination was still pretty unnecessary, but I don’t think they meant anything by it.  Like they spend more time in that scene talking about parodying 24 than anything else, so it’s hard for me to criticize something like that when there are bigger fish to fry I guess, haha.

Fish like having girl avatars in SoT.

Still stand by that quote from skrt though. 

This is one of those embarrassing personal posts that I’m going to regret in like 5 minutes and try to cover up with reblogs

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I think getting Kyle to suck his balls was about humiliation though and people took it the wrong way so that's why Trey did that - look at his behaviour towards Kyle throughout the series. I don't have a problem with the speculative sexuality of the characters just the way people romanticise cartman's anti-Semitic psychologically abusive behaviour towards Kyle and pretend that it is anything less than that. Sorry to ramble it just makes me uncomfortable. But each to their own.
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i found it embarrassing and unnecessary because i thought cartman’s motivations were very clear and no such explanation was necessary, plus it seemed kind of out of character for cartman HIMSELF to be offended by such an implication, to me???? it seems more like he would just brush it off. 

Sad to report I have the “Imaginationland” DVD and could actually check this, but it’s not worth it. Anyway, I think I remember Trey (and/or Matt, but probably Trey) stating that following these episodes some people had read Cartman as gay and he really wanted to clarify that Cartman wasn’t gay or pursuing this ball-sucking for gay reasons. So the clarification is a little bit useless and embarrassing, in that it’s essentially a huge “no homo” gesture. Or, rather, “no homo re: my completely psycho obese 8-year-old villain character.” Seems slightly over-the-top for guys who typically don’t give a flying fuck what viewers think.

yeah it wasnt just the scene it was matt and trey’s commentary on the episode where they seemed legitimately bothered by fans wondering if cartman was gay

“no homo re: my completely psycho obese 8-year-old villain character.”
That’s literally perfect.  I guess I didn’t realize they added the scene to clarify… I haven’t watched Imaginationland on DVD nor have I heard the commentary, but I knew about the scene and for some reason I always thought it was a deleted scene, which would mean they realized it was unnecessary and deleted it, which would’ve actually been kinda cool.  It puts things into perspective to know it was actually added for clarification.  :/  I think it’s fairly obvious that Cartman’s infatuation with Kyle sucking his balls doesn’t have anything to do with sexuality because
1. It’s already a running gag (see: the entire show)
2. They have no problem implying he’s inclined to homosexuality in literally any other episode.
3. He’s EIGHT and also FICTIONAL does anyone really care?? Except us I guess but we care for different reasons
4. Gay is the LEAST of Cartman’s issues (see italicized quote from sekrit)

Sorry for the rant, and I guess I’m not adding much to the discussion, but that’s just really fascinating to me.  For guys who normally don’t care what people think, and who have also been fairly vocal about their support for gays.  Apparently the deep-rooted need to still slap a big “no homo” sticker on it is a mighty one.

Props to Sekrit on that quote though that’s really amazing.

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where can i find welcome to hell? the tv tropes page looks p cool but i cant find it
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i am glad you asked, as this awesome short film should be shared with everyone. 

here it is on YouTube:

(i couldn’t find it without Spanish subtitles orz) 

and here it is on Vimeo:

and the lovely creator Erica Wester can be found on as well:

hope that helped! :D

Lovely is a strong word, haha! Just wanted to chime in and say that I’ve also got a production blog for it here on tumblr:

I reblog fanart and post stuff sometimes, but mostly reblogs from the fans!

Thanks for the promo! :)

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My finished stop motion thesis film THE CHAMP!

A little boy obsessed with professional wrestling gets the present of a lifetime on his birthday!

Created by Rosemary Travale -

If you liked this film and are interested in how it was made, please check out my book The Making Of The Champ, a 45 page PDF process book that goes into intense detail about how I made my stop mo thesis film and covers stuff like armatures, props and rigs. It also includes a supply list of where I got my materials and a page of other helpful links to get you started working in stop motion. Only $5, available on gumroad

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We had another free assignment at school and I wanted some more scenes/backgrounds in my portfolio so here is a bar full of monsters!!

Done with Prismacolor brush markers and colored pencils.

he’s even good at atmosphere GOD I can’t STAND how good this guy is

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my wife jojo

I still love this because I’ve told literally next to no information about this character and somehow I feel like this fanart sums her up pretty well.

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